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Snake handler preacher Jamie Coots dies from snake bite, refused EMT treatment

The snake handler preacher, made famous by a National Geographic special has died from a snake bite. The “Snake Salvation” preacher was giving a church service holding a rattle snake, which is the way he conducts his mass. When the snake bit Jamie Coots, he continued on with the mass, according to People on Feb. 17.

 Snake handler preacher is bitten by a rattler and killed. He was bitten during his church services this weekend in which he uses these serpents as his props.
YouTube screen shot

Soon Coots didn’t feel well and went to use the bathroom. He decided to go home and rest on the couch as he was feeling the effects of the snake bite. According to his son, Cody Coots, the preacher had been bitten by snakes eight times before.

While a painful experience, his father would go home and ride out the pain and pray. That’s what he thought he would do this time around, but he was wrong. The pain didn't last for long, as he was dead shortly after the rattle snake bit the back of his hand.

The ambulance arrived at the church after someone had called and they were told the preacher went home. The EMTs then went to Coots’ home, but he refused medical treatment. They left the house at about 9:10 p.m. and returned about an hour later, but he was dead.

Cody Coots said this time the venom killed him, he had never had such a severe reaction to a snake bite before. It happened so quickly, said his son. The bizarre snake handling preachers were the subject of a National Geographic show called "Snake Salvation" where the preachers hold the snakes while belting out religious sermons.

Cody Coots tried to explain what his father did with the snakes in a clip showed on "Fox and Friends" Monday morning, but he said it "takes a long time to understand" just how his father and others like him used the snakes as part of their religion.

It has a very bizarre look to it as these men hold the squirming snakes preaching their emotional sermons. Apparently there is some danger in this practice as an experienced snake handler preacher has just lost his life from being bitten by his prop.

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