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Snake eats crocodile in epic battle video: Snake swallows croc in 15 minutes

When a snake eats a crocodile this phenomenon of nature is an amazing feat to witness, considering the size of the two creatures. Recently a snake eating a crocodile was witnessed by a handful of people in northern Queensland, Australia, who walked away awestruck. Before the snake had its meal, a five-hour battle to the death between the two predators was another unbelievable show from nature, according to the BBC News on March 3.

Snake eats crocodile, who would have thought that a snake would be the croc's dinner because of size.
YouTube screen shot

The battle started in the water and the snake, which was believed to be a python, wrapped itself around the croc and wouldn’t let it up for air. The battle made its way to the shore where the snake coiled itself around the croc and after a five hour struggle managed to squeeze the croc to death.

The python snake kills its prey by squeezing and constricting it from taking another breath, suffocating the creature to death. This snake took on a gigantic creature this time around and most would have put their money on the croc to win this fight to the finish, but it was the snake who prevailed.

After the five hours of battling the croc, the next amazing feat was witnessing the snake eat his prey, which took only 15 minutes for the snake to finish its dinner. Witnesses say once the croc was dead, the snake uncoiled itself from around the scaly creature and started eating it face first.

The witnessed ended their account of the snake vs. the croc with saying the snake looked extremely full when done. A snake with a flexible jaw like a python, can swallow prey many times its own size, which would explain how the snake would be able to devour the crocodile so quickly.

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