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Snake eating croc: Australian battle ends with shocking result

Snake eating croc
Snake eating croc
Tiffany Corlis / BBC

Eyewitnesses in Queensland, the second largest state in Australia, were shocked at what they witnessed this past weekend, and that was a snake eating a croc. CBS 12 reported on March 3, 2014, that the epic battle between a snake and a crocodile was captured on camera and astounded anyone and everyone that was present.

Witnesses were shocked as a snake ate a croc in Australia.

The battle happened at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa.

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A woman was having breakfast nearby when some people in a canoe warned her of the situation happening not far away. Tiffany Corlis immediately grabbed her camera and started taking pics of the battle and subsequently of the snake eating the croc.

The battle waged on for five hours on the side of the lake and it appeared as if the crocodile finally just tired out and surrendered. The snake ended up dragging the dead crocodile out of the water and then began swallowing it whole.

"It was just unbelievable. We were thinking that the snake had bitten off a little more than it could chew. But it did. It actually ate the crocodile," Corlis said.

The snake eating croc situation came about due to the giant python squeezing it to death and then simply devouring its prey.

After it was all over, the incredibly stuffed, and now misshaped, snake just laid there very still. It stayed on the shore for a while as it began to digest its catch and witnesses stared in awe.

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