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Snake eating croc amazes onlookers in epic battle

Snake eating croc amazed onlookers at Lake Moondarra. A huge water python devoured a small crocodile near Mount Isa in Queensland, Australia. According to Webpronews on Mar. 4, it was shocking to see.

Snake eating croc amazes onlookers in epic battle.
@TNTCorlis Twitter

Several bystanders at Lake Moondarra witnessed an enormous water python devouring a small crocodile in a shocking display of food chain action.

The snake eating croc was unbelievable to see and luckily photos were taken of the action and shared on social media. The fight appeared to be pretty even with the croc doing its best to keep its head above water. After short break when both combatants looked to be in a weakened state, the python struck and began to eat the poor croc.

Snake eating croc is not that uncommon of an occurrence according to Brian Fry, a snake expert and professor at University of Queensland. He stated that while crocs are more dangerous to catch and eat, they are much easier to creep up on. The python is taking a greater risk of injury or even death than they normally do. Normally a water python's diet consists of many small rodents.

The snake eating croc was crazy enough to see, especially in a lake known to be very safe for swimming. Tourists will probably think twice now that they know that crocs and pythons that are aggressive enough to eat them are present.

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