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Snake crocodile: 5-hour battle caught on tape shows snake eating croc

A snake and a crocodile battled for five hours in Australia -- and the snake won. On March 4, USA Today reported that a water python ate the fresh-water crocodile whole and it was all caught on tape. A woman who had been witnessing the event decided to capture it -- and the videos have since gone viral. The incident occurred at Lake Moondarra on Sunday morning.

"It was just unbelievable. We were sort of thinking the snake had bitten off a little more than it could chew, pardon the pun, but it did actually eat the crocodile," explained Tiffany Corlis.

The snake crocodile battle is really interesting because it's not something that most people have seen or will ever see in their regular lives. The way that the snake wrapped itself around the crocodile is not unlike how snakes eat their prey but the fact that it was able to immobilize the croc is pretty amazing -- crocodiles are generally very large, dangerous creatures.

Judging from the still photos taken by Corlis, the snake appeared to constrict the croc to death before eating it -- and you can even see the snake's mouth around the croc's body once this happens -- truly amazing!

Check out the snake crocodile fight followed by the snake eating the croc in the video above.

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