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Smothers turns on Hunter at end of TCW show

"The Wild Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers cam to Tri-State Championship Wrestling in Asheville, NC on Saturday with a quest to help Ryan Hunter destroy the over-the-top Jeff Lewis Neal and J.R. Reynolds. For most of the match Smothers "schooled" Lewis-Neal and Reynolds, teaching them some respect for calling him "old" in their comments leading up to the match. The end however was not how Smothers and Hunter had envisioned...

JR Reynolds and Jeff Lewis Neal
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Though Smothers was in for most of the match, being kept from tagging in Hunter, he gave as good as he got from Lewis-Neal and Reynolds. Hunter had a good accounting for himself during the match giving Lewis-Neal and Reynolds all the could handle. The end came after a Russian Leg Sweep by Lewis-Neal on Smothers, Reynolds started to walk away and leave his partner but was brought back into the ring by Hunter. Lewis-Neal grabbed Smothers "southern flag" and was going to use it to choke Smothers. This brought TCW photographer Dr. Jerry Wiseman onto the apron to protest and he was pulled down and beaten by Father Darkness and Evil. Inc.

As Hunter and Reynolds continued to battle Lewis-Neal scored the pin on Smothers after using the flag. As Lewis-Neal and Reynolds left the ring a befuddled Smothers asked Hunter what had happened and when explained to him Smothers became angry. After some pleading by TCW officials and Hunter, the former ECW/WWE star calmed down and raised Hunter's hand in victory but the hit him with a nasty clothesline that flattened the up and coming star.

"I hate North Carolina, I hate you stupid people, I don't care if I ever come back down here and if I do I just might beat the living hell out of somebody. I'm going back to Tennessee," Smothers roared after leaving the ring.

Lewis-Neal and Reynolds seemed at odds somewhat over the TCW Heavyweight Championship currently held by Hunter when it was announced that the three would meet in a three-way dance for the title on April 19, 2014 in Fairview, NC.

"I am going to be TCW Heavyweight Champion and neither Ryan Hunter or J.R. Reynolds or the meddling Dr. Wiseman can do anything about it. Jeff Lewis Neal says Jeff Lewis Neal will be champion and that is the end of it people," Lewis-Neal said.

"Look, people may count me out but I can tell you, I want that title and I want revenge for what Ryan Hunter did to me last time in Fairview. That title is coming home with me," Reynolds proclaimed.

Abel Adams continued to dominate TJ Kincaid, a youngster who has his sights set on big things in TCW but has to get through Adams first. The two have gone back and forth in the ring but the veteran Adams always seems to find a way to pull out the victory.

Locked and Loaded lost not once but twice to the debuting Young Gunz when they first refused to get into the ring with the Gunz and the referee started his count. The referee hit "ten" before Locked and Loaded made it back to the ring but with the blessing of match-maker Scotty Black the match was allowed to continue and the Gunz were victorious.

The returning Ryan Chaos made SuperLaw tap in an interesting match. Ms. Order, the valet of SuperLaw was there to "make everything better" for SuperLaw once he lost and SuperLaw said "aw hell, this wasn't anything, I will beat him next time, wait and see."

Chrisifix and Exodus, who were the mis-matched tag team champions had their titles stripped due to the duo no defending them in 30 days but Chrisifix defeated Exodus late in the show. The two have had an ongoing feud for sometime and it will continue until one of them is no longer in TCW. These two are equally matched and keep fans on edge since either one can defeat the other at any time.

The aforementioned Evil Inc. with Father Darkness defeated David Lee Rock and Earl Grimmett after Evil Inc. beat Rock like the proverbial red-headed step child.

All-in-all another great show from Tri-State Championship Wrestling and they will return to Fairview, NC on April 19, 2014 with a great card.

"Big, Mean and Ugly" Ox Baker, the Master of The Hurt Punch will be making an appearance on May 17, 2014 in Fairview, NC and the current NWA Smoky Mountain TV Champion Jeff Connelly will make his debut in June.

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