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Smosh wins Hot Pockets Sandwich Showdown

Hot Pockets Sandwich Showdown
Hot Pockets Sandwich Showdown
Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets is just cranking up the cool factor. They put on the most certifiably amazing online battle that ever did happen - the "Sandwich Showdown." It was a no-mercy, ball-out bracket style competition with the hottest stars of YouTube creating music videos about the two things that make Hot Pockets just so scrumptious - the meat and crust. Yes, please!

Smosh and The Warp Zone repped #TeamMeat. And Britanni Louise Taylor and Taryn Southern worked it for #TeamCrust. Like all things Hot Pockets, the showdown was scorching hot and delicious fun...but the Sandwich Showdown winners were SMOSH! They're the super funny sketch sensations Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. And in addition to being Sandwich Showdown winners, they were also ranked by Forbes as ’30 Under 30’ in Hollywood, AND are ranked in YouTube’s Top 3 most viewed channels of all time with more than 4 billion lifetime views, and over 25MM combined channel subscribers. Flawless!

Smosh took a few minutes to talk about their love of Hot Pockets, the road to the Sandwich Showdown, and what makes them YouTube fabulous. And P.S. Pop your own Hot Pockets and curl up with Facebook to check out the hysterical videos:

MM: Congratulations, Sandwich Showdown winners! The moment you won - describe everything.

Smosh: It was a surprise! We’re really thankful to all our viewing fans for taking us there. It’s cool because all the other videos were really well made. They were amazing and blew us away. We thought there was no way we were winning this.

MM: How did you first get involved in the Sandwich Showdown?

Smosh: We worked with Hot Pockets in the past and when they came to us with the Sandwich Showdown, we thought it was a great idea. It was something really organic for our audience.

MM: Here’s a question for you - why did you choose to rep Team Meat? Both Team Crust and Team Meat sound equally appetizing.

Smosh: Team Meat seemed good.

MM: What was your creative process in making the video?

Smosh: We just went into freestyle rap. Just seemed like a fit.

MM: Your video looks like an all-out blast. What was your favorite part about making it?

Smosh: Doing the rap live. Our friend did the beats live behind us. We usually don’t do that live so that was cool.

MM: Have you been Hot Pockets fans for life?

Smosh: They were our number one food group for a while. And our friends and family definitely have a lot of Hot Pockets in their freezers.

MM: You’re online superstars and have millions of fans. What do you attribute your mega success to?

Smosh: We’ve been doing this almost 9 years. It comes back to the viewers. We really pay close attention to what our audience says and the comments. Whether it’s “I love this” or “I don’t like this.”

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