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Smosh Games creates 'The honest Pokemon trailer'

Smosh Games creates one of the coolest Pokemon viral videos ever.

Anytime you can successfully make fun of Gary Busey and Kim Kardashian in a work of satire, you have a huge opportunity for mainstream success. Add in the warped logic of the Pokemon series and the video Smosh games' uploaded yesterday on their YouTube page is hilarious.

Detailing the history of the series from the video games, card game, TV show and films, the video then breaks down the first two games, Red and Blue, reminding us what the series essentially is, a ten-year-old raising monsters and fighting them for money and against the mafia.

If that wasn't enough, the video then goes on to hilariously rename all of the Pokemon, with Gyrados, Persian and Jynx getting named Gary Busey, Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj. Between the satire, comedic ingenuity and references to “Big Bang Theory,” “Star Trek” and popular music, games and film, it's one of the best Pokemon satires in recent memory.

There have been plenty of other cool Pokemon viral videos over the years however. Egoraptor's series of videos on Ash's journey through Kanto in the animated series, as well as Baracksdubs’ infamous video of United States President Barack Obama singing the Pokemon theme song.

Garnering 1,282,322 views since it was released yesterday, it’s already established itself as a successful parody.

You can watch the video here.

What do you think of the video? Sound off in the comment section below.

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