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Smoking gun: Republicans are shooting seniors, poor, and middle class

Paul Ryan budget and the smoking gun
Paul Ryan budget and the smoking gun
James George

You may have gotten an email about this from The White House if you are own their distribution list. It is called “The House of Cuts.” Under the Republican House-passed Ryan budget, wealthy Americans will receive an average $87,000 a year in tax cuts while the middle class will get an increase of $2,000 a year. That is expected to create trickle down benefits that the middle class and poor can enjoy? Workers, students, and families are screwed as they get a 15% cut in benefits. Now, don’t expect the Democrat-controlled Senate to endorse this legislation, however this budget tells Americans what to expect if they turn the keys to Congress to Republican drivers in Election 2014. If you want to see some fancy images that tell the story, see this link:

The budget is figuratively called the smoking gun because it portends Republican intentions. They want to cut $5 trillion and more from the budget over ten years, while concurrently championing more wars and more aggressive foreign policy. More guns means less butter. Get it?

“House passes Paul Ryan's budget

Susan Davis, USA TODAY12:28 p.m. EDT April 10, 2014

WASHINGTON — The House approved along party lines a budget plan that would reach balance in 10 years by cutting taxes, repealing President Obama's health care law and cutting social programs in favor of the national defense.”