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Burlington entrepreneur first ever to unveil the ultimate in wood pellet grills and smokers.
Burlington entrepreneur first ever to unveil the ultimate in wood pellet grills and smokers.
Chinwagn Inc. 2014

By Paul Fitzgerald - Burlington entrepreneur first ever to unveil the ultimate in wood pellet grills and smokers

Chris Amell considers himself a fussy eater, especially when it comes from the barbecue.

Then again this is the norm for most us these days.

The local entrepreneur who has a number of unique business ventures however has stumbled onto something new that will more than satisfy your taste buds while enjoying the outdoors with warmer temps. That’s right, the days are longer, sunnier and hotter, and barbecues with friends and family is considered a must. After all, it’s just part of being Canadian.

You see Amell, who is the founder and owner of Chinwagn Inc. in Burlington, ON, has just launched Black Earth, which offers the ultimate in wood pellet grills and smokers.

And once you try anything from Black Earth, you’ll be hooked right away.

“Everyone wants to have the best when it comes to outdoor barbecuing,” says Amell during an interview from outside the Chinwagn’s headquarters on Fraser Road where he cooks up chicken, steaks, pulled-pork and beef to the locals so they can get a real taste of food from a wood pellet grill and smoker.

“For those who are picky like me, Black Earth will have you cooking smoking good food in no time,” adds Amell.

And he’s right.

The savoring smell from one of his new units is undeniably distinctive. Smoke fills the air and with it brings a strong scent of crisp and well-cooked eats that is mouthwatering and soothing in so many ways.

“No one will ever experience this kind of cooking,” says Amell while passing out samples to a long line of barbecue enthusiasts. “Black Earth takes barbecuing to a whole new level and already people who are buying them are raving about the phenomenal quality of eats they produce.”

While Amell is quick to promote a new outdoor culinary experience, he is just as quick in educating others on the benefits of the Black Earth RCF 750 which has an elegant and meticulous design with many qualities.

The Black Earth RCF 750 is loaded with all sorts of goodies. It is simple and so easy to use. Its digital controller comes with a three-year warranty, full bed drain and ash through, heavy granite countertops, and has a halogen lit cooking area, a double stainless steel lid, and provides storage for up to four bags of pellets on a mounted on an easy roll castor system.

“A passionate cook certainly cares about the end result,” says Amell. “The design of the cooking chamber is the focus of the Black Earth 750, which will more than fulfill your expectations.”

The design incorporates a centre rear feed auger, increasing the grilling surface heat area that disperses grilling temperature throughout the centre of the grill. This rear centre feed design further enhances the smoking feature of the chamber by feeding the heat and smoke to the outside double insulated walls and to the centre.

“The results are maximized heat and energy, excellent smoke infusion and flavor and reduced cooking times,” explains Amell.

“All of this is done with the digital controller which delivers simplicity to operate and the accuracy that you demand out of your appliance. You simply set your prime and start with the temperature desired and then keep the lid closed – it’s all so unique and simple.”

The controller also has the feature of utilizing custom temperature probe that can be set for the core temperature of the meat or product and will shut down once met. It is also anticipatory for temperature rise on shut down, ensuring not to overcook while you are out on excursions, whether you are out boating, snowmobiling, ATVing ir in the city taking care of various activities.

Even better is the bonus features: The cooking chamber halogen lighting for use in dark or night time use, and a pellet storage compartment for up to 100 lbs (40 kg).

Chinwagn Inc. is also an authorized agent and dealer for Louisiana Grills.

“I encourage everyone to give Black Earth a try,” says Amell. “Once you do, you will be sold in a heartbeat. There is nothing that compares to this unit and after the first bite, you will be hooked.”

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