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Smoking food flavors

Food flavors for smoking
Food flavors for smoking
Georgina Jones

Taking the time to quit smoking cigarettes has hit the new wave with e-cigs. For many people this wave has hit home and helped numerous quit smoking the distasteful cigarettes that promote lung cancer. Owners of "A Cloud of Vapor" Danny & Tosha Quinn have this to say about their products, "When you decide to quit smoking, you are obviously looking at improving your quality of life and your health. Vaping does not mean that you stop smoking entirely; it just means that you are now using an option that does not harm your health in any way. Vaping has come about from the smoking community wanting to have a healthier option to smoking.
For those looking for a cleaner alternative to smoking, one of the first benefits of vaping is that it gives you the same feeling as that of smoking. The delivery process is quite literally the same. The other benefit is that you do not have to exit a room to smoke. It can be done comfortably indoors, just as much as it can be done outdoors. You do not have to give up on your social practices. You do not have to worry about your friends taking in second hand smoke. You also don’t need to be concerned about the smell of smoke sticking to your clothes and you.
When you turn to vaping, you will notice how efficient and effective it is almost instantly. You will not feel the desire for cigarettes. In fact you will even wonder why you had not turned to it earlier. As a smoker turning to vaping, it will take a while for your body and your blood pressure to get used to this new form of delivery. In fact your lungs will need a minimum of one day to get clear. You will find that your sense of smell has been restored as will be your sense of taste. You will find your energy levels increasing and will begin to enjoy the food you eat much more.
You will also find that your lungs have increased in capacity and that you are not suffering from coughing or wheezing. Your skin will get a renewed glow. In a year’s time you will see a vast improvement in your health. You will also find that your chances of a heart disease are lowered significantly. Your chances of a stroke are reduced as are your chances of contracting lung cancer. Also, the money you save from buying cigarettes can easily add up to some significant savings.
If you are a smoker, then vaping is a good alternative for you. If you find it hard to give up smoking then this is a form of technology that will really make life easier for you."

A Cloud of Vapor
805 Jamestown Rd
Morganton, NC 28655
(828) 390-9850

Here is a list of flavors available, although they are adding new flavors every week.
American Honey
Apple Cinnamon
Apple Crumb Cake
Bahama Breeze
Banana Bomb
Banana Split
Blue Flamingo
Blueberries & Cream
Blueberry Delight
Breakfast In Bed
Brown Butter Cappuccino
Bustin' Loose
Butter Rum
Campfire Delight
Caramel Apple
Caramel Cake
Caramel Cream
Caribbean Cream
Carolina Blue
Cherry Bacco
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Cola
Choco PB Blast
Creme Brulee
Devil's Curse
Dixie Tart
French Express
French Tobacco
Fruity Wonder
Heaven's Nectar
Ice Ice Baby
In Your Face
Jolly Mango
Jolly Rancher Grape
Jolly Rancher Watermelon
Juicy Fruit
Kiss My Grits
Mango Mania
Marbo USA
Mary Jane
Morning Dew
New York New York
Orange Cream Dream
Peach Fuzz
Peaches & Cream
Peanut Butter
Pumkin Pie
Purple Rain
Red Moon
Rockin' Pineapple
Smurf Juice
Snake Bite
Strawberries & Cream
Sweet Apple of Mine
Sweet Temptation
TaTa's Kisses
Tickled Pink
True Blood

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