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Smokin' in the boys room as Cheech & Chong roar on Majestic stage

Cheech & Chong, back and loving every minute of it in San Antonio.
Cheech & Chong, back and loving every minute of it in San Antonio.
by Jack Dennis (

While Cheech & Chong were performing on stage at the Majestic Theater Saturday night, a funny thing happened in the men’s restroom.

In the theater, Tommy Chong’s sexy wife Shelby started the show with a no-holes barred standup routine chronicling an acid trip where she was so high she bought cantaloupes for shoes, how she met Chong, and aged wine jokes.

She introduced the legendary stoner comedy duo who started their show by fielding a handful of questions, supposedly taken from the audience. The subjects included queries like why Richard “Cheech” Marin had cut off his mustache (“the smell was getting to me, man”) to why the team originally broke up (Chong: “we got rich”).

Although much of the show featured their classics from the 1970’s and 80’s, the duo brought a current relevance and new edge with them. Their rapport is obviously solid. Cheech and Chong’s improvising has honed and grown.

Shortly after finishing the first set, their hilarious and famous “Dave’s Not Here,” around 9 p.m. something almost as entertaining occurred in the men’s restroom near the lobby of the Majestic.

All the urinals were busy and men were lined up laughing about the “sweet smell, sort of like a 70’s concert” that appeared to be coming from a toilet stall.

“Hey, let me in, I need to use the restroom,” yelled a man outside the stall door.

The guy in the stall didn’t answer.

“Hey, Dave’s not here. Open up man,” shouted a Chong fan in line waiting for an empty urinal or stall.

The guy in the stall, continuing to smoke his marijuana, still did not reply.

Suddenly a new man entered the restroom, walked directly to the stall, and knocked hard: “Okay, buddy, it’s time to come out.”

“Yeah, man come on out and share with us,” a fourth man screeched.

Finally, the toker in the stall spoke: “I’m not finished yet.”

“Yes, you are finished,” said the new man who was knocking. “You need to come out here and talk to me about this.”

The stall guy flushed the toilet and, at last, opened the door. A cheer from the crowd erupted in laughter as the guy emerged from the stall, and looking right at him was the new man who had been knocking: a San Antonio police officer!

Although, I am fairly sure the gentleman police allowed the shocked guy to return to his seat, the men in restroom were just as amused at this event as the one on stage.

The show carried on with the Christmas classic, “Santa Claus and His Old Lady,” the side-splitting blind bluesman saunter of “Blind Melon Chitlin,” and “Save the Whales. Kill a Seal.”

Cheech and Chong traded solo sets and both seemed to be obviously loving the moment. Other bits included the crow pleasing “Born in East L.A,” “Basketball Jones,” and the “Mexican-American Song.”

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