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Smoke under a full moon, the end of the day.

It is one thing to see the full moon over Evergreen Lake on a summer night, but there is nothing like a full moon over the frozen lake in the winter-especially with the smell of woodburning fireplaces enhancing the picture. The Celts had a special sense of the nighttime, the end of day, and the fire being prepared for the night.

The Smooring Of The Fire

The sacred Three

To save,

To shield,

To Surround

The hearth,

The house,

The household,

This eve,

This night,

Oh! this eve,

This night,

And every night,

Each single night.


From Carmina Gadelica

While there are a minority of homes that use the fireplace as the only source of heat, and the preparing of the fire for the night is not a ritual handed down from one generation to another, please pause a moment and think on the importance it had to our ancestors, and the meaning of God residing in our hearth (heart) through all time and events of our day and nights-happiness and sadness.


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