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Smiling Labrador retriever has three days left to live

Dogs in Danger

Update 8/7/14: Ford's time has been extended! Dogs in Danger now shows an 8 day reprieve.

A handsome, five-year-old Labrador retriever mix named "Ford," has just three days left to live. Ford is currently being held at the Columbiana County Dog Pound in Lisbon, Ohio, and the facility has run out of space, which means that Ford has run out of time.

Ford is currently featured on the Dogs In Danger website - a site dedicated to helping death row dogs receive a life-saving reprieve.

Ford's biography reads:

I was found as a stray in Salem. They didn't know where I belonged as they hadn't ever seen me before. I just kind of acted as if I had lived there my whole life though. I camped out on their porch and stayed there until that evening. They put me in the garage for the night and then brought me in here to the pound the next morning. They said I was such a good boy and they really wanted to just keep me but they had some small dogs and were concerned we wouldn't do well together. I am a very sweet and personable dog. I love affection and I am great with people.

I like to play ball and just be with people in general. I am a smart boy. I know how to sit, lay and shake hands. I am kind of okay with some dogs, then other I just seem to completely not like. I am kind of a dominant fellow and I really just need time to get to know and accept my new dog friends.

Ford beat the odds the first time around - he was adopted by a family who returned him to a different facility just a couple of weeks after he had been freed from animal control. The person who returned Ford claimed that he guarded his food and toys. The current facility has addressed this potential issue, stating:

The pound has not seen any aggression with my toys so far. I actually like to play ball and I will usually give it to you to throw for me. The pound does not food test dogs here, so it is possible that I may guard my food. This is easily handled by feeding me separate and leaving me along when I am eating.

The clock is ticking for Ford - three days is an short window of time to find a life-saving rescue agency or adopter. Anyone who is interested in learning more about this dog, ID#1216, is asked to contact:

Phone: 330-424-6663
Name: Dawn

Find Ford on Dogs In Danger here.

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