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Smiley dog in Atlanta, Georgia needs a committed foster home

A brown and white female Pitbull, aged approximately two years old, smiles endlessly despite her uncertain future. She sits at animal control, greeting the staff and volunteers who walk by with an enthusiastic grin and excited tail wag. When they turn their attention to her, she stands up on her two hind legs and dances prettily, winning everyone over with her endearing friendliness.

Smiley is a bubbly girl!
Jan Granai

The staff at animal control see and experience so much sadness day to day. They try not to become attached to their charges, knowing each animal has a dubious fate. But this happy, dancing Pittie girl has won over every single person who has come into contact with her. To the surprise of many volunteers, the staff have bestowed upon the adorable canine a fitting moniker: Smiley.

Smiley was found as a stray in the Atlanta, Georgia area wearing a pink collar. Incomprehensibly, no one ever came forward to claim the vibrant girl.

Two small Atlanta-area rescues want to save Smiley, and she has $350 dollars in pledges so far from supporters. But a rescue cannot take Smiley until she has a committed foster home.

Won't you give this girl a chance? Won't you help save a life? As you may know, animal control cannot keep the animals forever; eventually, the ones who have been there a while must be put to sleep to make room for new incoming animals. It's a very sad cycle, but you can help change that.

Smiley has until 3:30PM on Monday, April 28, 2014, to find a committed foster so that she can be pulled by the rescues interested. Her "red line" date, as they call it, has already been postponed once, in hopes that she would win over the hearts of those who could help. Monday will be her last day on this earth if a foster can't be found. A sweet, vivacious life will be lost.

Please share Smiley's story, and help her find a foster home. She is only available to rescue at this time, and she has rescue interest - she just needs a foster home. Fostering is hugely rewarding, and the rescue you foster for pays for everything - sometimes even the food. All you need to give is your love.

Those interested can contact the author, who will forward on the offer of foster, or, you may contact animal control volunteer Lynda at Please be kind and courteous; while the situation is urgent, a respectful approach must still be taken.

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