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Smile Review


Smile is a web site which, sells bamboo toothbrushes and they are simple. They are elegant @ $5.95. However, even though they still sell these aesthetically pleasing items, they are also entertaining talks with US based manufacturers to explore how bamboo can remain a cost effective and viable option. The new and improved brushes have an advanced design, come in four colors and have anti-bacterial bristles. There is a tongue cleaner and the back of the head. Walmart carries them now and Target is soon to. We are the first to review the new brushes.


The new and improved brush is comfortable in the hand. We, in particular, like this as our hands seem to always be wet when brushing. We received the pink brush and we like it.

Also important is the fact that Smile Squared partners with certain organizations to distribute toothbrushes to children in need of them. This is both in the U.S. and throughout the world.

At the heart of Smile Squared - we're a giving company. I believe your purchase can change the world, and am proud that today we're shipping 7,200 donated toothbrushes to our non profit partners - with many more shipments to be coordinated and scheduled out. This couldn't be possible without great media coverage, awesome retailers, and customers that understand what we're all about.

Eric Cope, Owner

For those who are able to get a hold of the bamboo brushes, before they go. These are great too! They look like someone one would pick up in a European apothecary, circa 1800. They are simple. The bristles are fine for us sensitive folks and the child's brush is just as good. We had our niece try it and she liked it just fine.

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