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Smile and celebrate awesomeness day

Spread the awesomeness around today.
Spread the awesomeness around today.
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Awesomeness day is celebrates on March 10. It is a day to both celebrate being awesome and strive to be awesome. Use the day wisely and go out to make someone smile.

Awesomeness day started in 2007 by a few guys who wanted time be happy about the awesomeness in people. They thought that being awesome was something most people ignored or simply took for granted. So they decided to created a day to celebrate it.

Ways to celebrate awesomeness day:

Smile at your reflection. Even if you do not believe it or think it, you are an awesome person. You probably do many awesome things in a day that you don't even realize.

Call, email or Facebook someone to let them know why you believe that they are awesome! Tell them it is awesomeness day to spread the message.

Think of something that you can do for someone else. Help a person with heavy groceries, do a chore at home you normally don't do, don't complain for a day, support a random charity etc.

Be happy and go toward the day bright and cheerful. Grumpiness is rarely found in awesomeness.

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