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SMF brings on the real Joy and Madness

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Such joy and madness on the stage was seen at the 2014 Sacramento Music Festival. Musicians hailing from good ole hometown Sacramento, as well as from all over the world, brought their talents to the festival's numerous venues. Nearly 100 bands appeared and, with that number of dedicated artists gathering over a four day period from May 22 through May 24, it was bound to be a Memorial Day weekend filled with joy for thousands who attended the annual festival once known as the Dixieland Jazz Jubilee.

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Music lovers expect joy and embrace it. But "madness?" Perhaps some but others perhaps not unless they are rushing to grab a chair or a prime piece of Turntable Green lawn space to see the eight piece funk and soul band known as Joy and Madness. The hot day was hitting its cooling phase as the sun started to drop at their set time of 7:00 p.m. The beat drove people to dance, faces to smile, toes to tap. One might expect every Northern California jazz, funk, and soul fan to be thoroughly aware of the band which formed in 2012 with six out of eight of The Nibblers who deservedly won themselves three consecutive Sacramento Area Music Awards (SAMMIES.) However, being top rate and local award winning musicians and a slamming, grooving, entertaining band doesn't mean the local crowd has been quite adequately made smart about the reality of their joy and madness evoking vibrations.

The first thing one would notice about the band as the set starts, unless you're a guy checking out the single hot lady in the band, is the enthusiastic, energetic movements (semi-able to be called dancing) of the lead vocalist Hans Eberbach. The mere site of Hans' music-propelled antics is enough to bring joy to the heart; and, listening to the band is a delight. The fairly new Joy and Madness has quickly become known "for its jumped up rhythm, soulful vocals and screaming horns." Fans of The Nibblers team of musicians were quick to track the new developments and follow the creation of Joy and Madness into their solid standing as a "funk and soul meltdown [playing] vintage soul, funk and R&B for the new breed of dance floor maniacs."

Joy and Madness consists of vocalist Hans Eberbach, drummer Andrew Enberg, keyboardist Jeremy Springer, baritone sax Raul Sandoval, trumpeter Tony Marvelli, tenor sax Joe Cohen, bassist Miss Nyxi, and guitarist Bobby G with Danny Sandoval standing in for Joe Cohen on tenor sax as needed as at the 2014 Sacramento Music Festival. Each of the band members are individually well established musicians and make a bit of rapture in their Joy and Madness collaboration. Music influences include James Brown, Otis Redding, King Curtis, Dr. John and Gallactic.

Upcoming Joy and Madness local shows in May include appearances in Chico, Sacramento and Nevada City. They promote themselves as a "soul band blending choice rearrangements of the classic grooves of the R&B stacks with original soulful music." Whatever they choose to call themselves or how they define themselves, the audience gets their groove going, their body tingling, their hearts dancing along with their head and body bobbing.