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'Smelly Cat' surrendered to shelter because he was too flatulent

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Lenny, the gorgeous tuxedo cat in Scottsville, NY was returned to the Scottsville Veterinary Hospital and Adoptions Center because he farted too much, according to an article posted on the Democrat and Chronicle Website today. Of all the reasons that have been floated around for turning a cat into a shelter, that has to be the first time "excessive farting" was designated.

The Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions Facebook page had more details on the return of Lenny, now also known as "Smelly Cat". According to a note from Lenny posted on that page on March 31:

Hello! I was returned today because I fart too much. I am hoping I can find a person who can love me even with my stinky farts. I am a 19 month old neutered male and would love to be your smelly cuddle cat. I am very friendly and love to be petted and held. I even am wearing a tuxedo so I'll look snazzy if you come to see me.

-Lenny the Domestic Short Hair

Lenny was an outdoor cat who was rescued in February, then adopted the last week of March. However, his new owners returned him to the shelter after only keeping him two days. According to the Democrat and Chronicle article, the owner stated on the intake forms "he farts all the time".

Whatever was causing Lenny to be stinky appears to have resolved itself since he returned to the shelter. The adoptions coordinator confirmed that he has not had any more issues since he was turned back in.

Lenny has now been adopted once again. Hopefully this time the adoption won't stink.