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Smell good for summer

Geynrth Paltrow hugo Boss
Hugo Boss

If you're like most people, summer will be filled with parties, friends and fun. Not only is it important to look great, but it's equally important to smell great! You want your hug to be remembered fondly. Hugo Boss is here to help! Their Boss Jour Pour Femme is in a word, irresistible. With a fragrance like the first light of day, full of beautiful possibilities Boss Jour Pour Femme is the sophisticated new fragrance for women from BOSS Perfumes. Inspired by the first light of day, BOSS JOUR Pour Femme is using this unique moment to inspire women to seize all of their opportunities and create their very own stories, every day. With an elegant composition, the scent has been created to reflect three important female facets – light, inspiration, and elegant composure – brought together in a beautiful blend of white florals with vibrant citrus.

“The day starts at dawn – write your own story.” BOSS JOUR Pour Femme uses the feeling of the first light of day as an inimitable source of inspiration for women. Wherever you are, the first light of day radiates a vibrant and exciting feeling of anticipation. It is at this time of day that the BOSS woman takes a brief moment to prepare for her day and feel inspired to pursue all its opportunities.

“We celebrated great success with BOSS Nuit Pour Femme, and to further grow and establish our female fragrance offering we’re excited to be launching BOSS JOUR Pour Femme in 2013. Using our expertise in the fragrance industry, we are fully committed to strengthening our position within the female category and feel we have the perfect partner in Gwyneth Paltrow. As the face of both BOSS JOUR and BOSS NUIT, she demonstrates everything we believe in – strength, sophistication, success and beauty.”

“Working to create BOSS JOUR Pour Femme was an exciting process - I loved having the opportunity to create something that truly reflected the BOSS woman in our new campaign. We put a lot of emphasis on a really intelligent and sophisticated ingredient selection to make sure they each represented a different part of the BOSS woman. With a combination of delicate white flowers and vibrant citrus we were able to create something feminine, elegant, and sophisticated. The aim was to not only make women feel beautiful, composed and inspired, but give them a fragrance that combined this with a soft burst of freshness that mirrored that feeling of anticipation and excitement at the first light of day.” Will Andrews, Fragrance Creation Team Procter & Gamble Prestige.

BOSS JOUR Pour Femme has been created to mirror the three important facets that make up today's modern woman. The Light Facet mirrors her vibrancy with the first rays of morning light; the Inspiring Facet highlights the many possibilities that lie ahead; and the Elegantly Composed Facet mirrors her unique feminine strength and elegantly composure as she pursues her opportunities.

The Flacon design - Slim, sleek, and beautifully structured, the elegant and sophisticated BOSS JOUR Pour Femme flacon has been designed to perfectly reflect the perfume. Stylish and light, the bottle is finished off with an elegant crystal cap that brilliantly reflects the light, in turn creating an effect reminiscent of the first light of day. Like every modern woman’s “signature” piece of jewelry or accessory – an item that instantly identifies that look as “hers” – a golden band adorns the flacon, an elegant shimmering halo that has the power to become truly captivating as it catches the light.

BOSS Jour Pour Femme is availble at HUGO BOSS stores and

BOSS JOUR Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 75ml $78

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