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Smedley Park: Nature inspired haven

Reflection of blue sky brightens the drab winter woodlands.
Reflection of blue sky brightens the drab winter woodlands.
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Outdoor enthusiasts, and those who delight in nature, will find Smedley Park has much to offer. Even in the less colorful winter months nature abounds in a variety of forms. But do not wait until spring to be inspired, Smedley Park is open for your exploration from dawn to dusk.

Convenient and vast

Smedley Park’s namesake, Samuel L. Smedley, had charge of so very many public works that Philadelphians now take for granted including the iron cantilever Market Street bridges, Fairmount and Girard Avenue bridges and securing 150 acre estate of Lansdowne from its English owners. Appointed by the Parks Commission in 1872 has left Smedley’s mark on many walks and drives and a variety of improvements to Fairmount Park. This sense of design and focus to benefit residents in the area is apparent with great value Smedley Park provides to all who visit. Easy access by car or trolley lends encouragement to explore the parks 120 acres of woodlands, fields, streams and groves. Stroll slowly and quietly to hear and see birds and wildlife that make the park their home. Take note of the weathered and historic trees which line trails and stream. Look up and down, far and close to tune in to nature and be inspired by its colors, even in the drab of winter.

The park is open from dawn to dusk with plenty of convenient parking spaces or a short distance from the trolley stop. Once there, cross different walking bridges to multi-use trails and walking paths. Bring your camera or binoculars to connect with birds and wildlife that abound. Smedley Park can be colorful year round.