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Smashing Pumpkins pitching new free LP


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Billy Corgan recently revealed on the band’s official website that they have begun work on a gargantuan new 44-track album that may be released piecemeal and for free. Teargarden by Kaleidyscope (which certainly deserves mention amongst the most grandiose album titles in history) will reportedly be a return to the Pumpkins’ more psychedelic, atmospheric and “pretty” side.

Corgan’s ambitious plan is to release one album track at a time as it is finished, free to download. There will be “absolutely no strings attached” insists the irrepressible lead singer/guitarist as he is attempting to begin this long creative journey around Halloween this year. When Kaliedyscope is finally complete, the album will be released as a box set for fans to purchase in entirety.
Taking a cue from the orthodox distribution decisions of Radiohead’s In Rainbows release (in which fans could choose their price for downloading the album), The Pumpkins continue the movement to redefine modern ways to promote and distribute one’s own material in the age of digital downloading. This particular scheme represents Corgan at his unflinchingly pretentious best.

Recently, the band split ways with longtime drummer Jimmy Chamberlain who left the group after the usual gripe of what ultimately equates to creative differences. The new LP will be the first to feature new teenage drummer Mike Byrne, who claimed the drum seat through an impressive audition for the vacancy.  Hopefully this time around, all the weird and tenuous events surrounding the Pumpkins won't hinder them from producing a long overdue effort worth their mettle.

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  • Bill Ovredeaux 5 years ago

    I hope against hope it is a return to the early Pumpkins sound, but releasing 44 tracks one by one? What...think we'll have 'em all by 2012? I'd hate for the world to end at #27. Although #42 would be oddly apropos.

    The only thing that concerns me is “absolutely no strings attached”.

  • Lex Rock Examiner 5 years ago

    This sounds completely silly to me. If they pull it off, it will definitely be one of the most unique distribution tactics in music history. That's what Corgan needs.....more ego right?!

    And, I couldn't agree more about the "absolutely no strings attached" comment. If there's one thing in life I've learned, it's that when someone says, "no strings attached" they really mean "strings attached" you gullible fool.