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Smashing pumpkins, not just the name of a rock band...


Pumpkin Chuckin' contest at Bristol Pumpkin Festival

As the main event of the day long festival, this year’s annual Pumpkin Chuckin’ competition will take place at noon on Saturday October 17, 2009 at Roberts Orchard in Bristol, Connecticut. Of all the fall activities occurring within the state, this contest will surely become the hot topic of conversation for months to come.

The concept is simple. Design and construct a trebuchet, launch pumpkins, and watch as they are hurled across the field. Not so simple? Determining the best way to construct the ultimate pumpkin chucker! The object is to create a device that will launch the pumpkin the farthest; but be ready for stiff competition, there have been impressive past catapults that have really “WOW”ed the crowd. Click here for the rules and regulations on how to enter a trebuchet into the festival.

The Pumpkin Chuckin’ event is not only for those involved with building a launcher; spectators of all ages gather to watch pumpkins fly through the air then smash into pieces as it lands 100-200 (occasionally more) yards away. The audience gets hyped up and the anticipation between launches builds to the excitement. The designated cheering section has no seating but does have plenty of room… so bring blankets and chairs.

The Bristol Pumpkin Festival will also feature a scarecrow contest, costume parade for kids, a scavenger hunt, and a pumpkin lighting display. Festival-goers can bring their own carved jack o’ lanterns for the pumpkin illumination display (must be brought prior to actual event). Events are in different locations, check website for more details.

The rain date for this festival is Sunday October 18, 2009

Check out video of trebuchets launching pumpkins.

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