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Smashburger reveals its burger and beer pairing secrets for National Burger Day


May 28 is not a date that stands out on the calendar but for lovers of beef patties served on a bun with all the fixings, this day is an important one. May 28 just happens to be National Burger Day and Smashburger is ready to celebrate in a major way by sharing its burger/beer pairing secrets with the public for the first time, according to a May 27, 2014 article published at

Fans of Smashburger are already aware of the restaurant chain’s penchant for marrying the right burger with the right beer. Smashburger locations across the United States often pair local craft beer with the different burgers on the menu, a practice that began in 2012 and quickly caught fire across the nation. Smashburger founder Tom Ryan recently joined forces with Houston media personality and food/beer guru Chris Spradley to create burger/beer pairings and they are ready to share their pairing secrets with burger lovers everywhere. Here are their recommendations

  • Spicy Flavors: Pilsners and Helles style lagers will cool the heat, while Hoppy IPAs pair well with spicy flavors to accentuate the heat
  • Savory Flavors: Porters, Schwarzbiers, nutty brown ales and Amber beers complement mushrooms and some aged cheeses, like Swiss and Gouda
  • Rich Flavors: American Wheat and Belgian golden ales, or Hoppy American pale ales and IPAs, cut the richness of avocados, creamy dressings and goat cheese
  • Crisp, Fresh Flavors: Clean lagers like Kolsch or American Blonde ales pair well with cucumbers, lettuce and tomato
  • Acidic Flavors: Spicy Saisons, Witbiers, English style pale ales and American wheat beers work well with pickles, vinaigrettes, citrus and mustards
  • Smokey Flavors: A Porter or Doppleblock pairs nicely with smoky bacon or other cured meats. In contrast, a sharp IPA will cut the sweetness of maple bacon

Spradley, MasterChef finalist and host of the food and travel reality show Destination Beer, says the chance to work with Tom Ryan was great fun as well as educational for the consumer.

“Smashburger is a restaurant concept at the forefront of the burger and craft beer trend, and has created an innovative menu that marries two of America’s favorite pastimes together,” said Spradley.”IIt was an honor and a pleasure to collaborate with Tom Ryan on this unique list of tips for consumers, so that they can have fun concocting their own burger and craft beer pairings at home.”

Tom Ryan agrees that fresh burgers and fresh beer are natural companions.

“We believe that people come to Smashburger looking for an occasion to celebrate, relax and enjoy quality food with friends and family,” said Ryan. “Our restaurants are a place where food is made with fresh, quality ingredients the way our consumers like it, so serving local craft beers to accompany this offering was a natural fit. Our burger and beer pairing program is a one of a kind experience in the fast casual industry, and we are proud of this initiative we have created.”

As part of its National Burger Day celebration, Smashburger is hosting 20 individual Yelp elite events across the nation, inviting 35 guests to sample food from a private menu and learn the art of burger/beer pairings. Check with your local Smashburger for any related National Burger Day events and be sure to join Smashburger’s Smash Club to receive the latest updates special offers and more. And have a very happy National Burger Day, 2014!

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