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‘Smash Bros.’ roster receives three new fighters

“Smash” fans got a hefty bit of news today, as Nintendo released the identities of not one, not two, but three new fighters for the newest “Super Smash Bros.” earlier this morning on their live stream.

Gamers will be pleased to know fan-favorite and “Smash” veteran Captain Falcon returns to the arena, bringing his classic Falcon Punch to the fray. Falcon has been a character in the "Smash" series since the very first one for the Nintendo 64, so it's great to see the F-Zero legend back for another round. The cinematic release showed him gloriously squaring off against the game’s two newest combatants: Robin and Lucina from “Fire Emblem: Awakening.”

Robin (the player avatar in “Fire Emblem: Awakening”) demonstrated a vast repertoire of skills, and even explained how his spells are connected to what tome he has equipped. As an added bonus, players can also play as the female Robin. Lucina showed deft swordsmanship and agile speed akin to “Fire Emblem’s” Marth. Speaking of Marth, both he and Ike make a last minute appearance to challenge the newcomers, bumping up the number of “Fire Emblem” characters in the game to four.

Chrom also showed up in the trailer, defeated at first but returning at the end to show some epic in-game moves. It is uncertain whether he is a costume skin for Lucina, a Final Smash helper for Robin, or an assist trophy.

“Super Smash Bros.” comes out on the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U this year in fall and winter respectively.

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