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Smartwatches – the Next Big Thing?

With smartphones all the rage, what could possibly be the next big thing? Well, get ready for smartwatches. So, what is a smartwatch?

Short and sweet, a smartwatch is like a smartphone that you wear like a watch. Run mobile apps, play games, make calls, use GPS and much more. Smartwatches are kind of like PDA’s that your wear on your arm. Makes you think of such things like spy movies and secret agents, doesn’t it?

But will smartwatches catch on like smartphones? That will be the real question. In my opinion, they would be really cool, but more faddish; children, especially young male and teens will probably get a kick out of them more than any other group of people. Some of the top brands of smartwatches include the Sony Smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and the Pebble Watch.

More on the gadget side of tech, whether smartwatches will be as popular as smartphones remains to be seen. With the Christmas season quickly approaching, perhaps they will be a hit for this holiday season.

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