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Smartwatches have gotten the attention of manufacturers and consumers alike

The International CES 2014 trade show in Las Vegas, Nev. introduced many new devices and items that will be hitting stores in the very near future. But several manufacturers, ranging from startups to established enterprises, each presented the same idea with their own little twist. This idea is the “smartwatch”. The following is a short list of smartwatches accompanied by a short description of each.

Smartwatches are the new craze in consumer electronics
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Samsung Galaxy Gear ($299.00)

This smartwatch was designed to work with the Galaxy Note 3 at its launch, so if you have a smartphone from another manufacturer, you are out of luck…with this one at least.

Pebble Steel ($249.00)

This smartwatch works with both Android and iOS operating systems. It also has its own App Store.

Nuance Omate Truesmart ($149.00-$249.00)

This particular smartwatch is a bit different from others which are designed to connect to your phone via Bluetooth. It features its own SIM card so calls and texts are done directly from your watch without the need of a phone.

Archos Smartwatches ($50.00-$100.00)

No release date has been made available by the company yet, but they have 3 models planned. The low end model starts at $50.00 and the others at a higher price tag as the specs improve.

Sony SmartWatch ($199.99)

One of the innovators of the smartwatch, Sony’s spin is compatible with the android OS operating system so iOS users are out of luck with this one.

Neptune Pine ($335.00)

The Neptune Pine is more of a wearable computer than a watch. It sports a 2.5 inch display with a 5 MP camera on the back that can be used by detaching the face from the wristband. It also has a VGA front camera for video-chatting.

Qualcomm Toq ($349.00)

This smartwatch includes many of the previous mentioned features. One of its selling points is its bright display.

HOT Watch (Pre-Order: $152.15-211.65, Retail: $179.00-249.00)

Its Kickstarter campaign received over 3 times its initial goal of $150,000. This smartwatch has some exciting features and comes in 4 designs.

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