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SmartShopper List Organizer: Save money and time

Shopping for groceries in San Francisco can produce a feeling of vertigo after leaving the supermarket: What started out as a simple trip to pick up a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread at Calas or Safeway has suddenly and mysteriously turned into a shopping bag full of food totaling $50 or more.

After all the items are entered, the device prints out your shopping list via thermal paper.
After all the items are entered, the device prints out your shopping list via thermal paper.
SmartShopper List Organizer

Many thrift conscious shoppers believe the solution to making a trip to the market more cost efficient and effective is to use a shopping list. But this tried and true method only works if a person is motivated to put together one; for many, this never gets done.

But a novel kitchen gadget may make the chore of putting together a shopping list fun. It's a device called the SmartShopper List Organizer. This gadget has voice recognition and the user merely speaks into the microphone. The item screens up as text and is added after confirmation.

The Smart Shopper List Organizer continues to add requests from anyone who wants to use it and prints out the entire shopping list on thermal paper when the print button is pressed. Each item is categorized into different sections. Adding coupon alerts is also possible.

The automatic shopping list gadget has a data bank of 2500 items, which can be modified or added to for special brand items or foods. The device can be left on a countertop, affixed to a wall or placed on a metal surface with the magnets on the back.

The Smart Shopper List Organizer ($79.99) can be found at, directly from the manufacturer or larger online retailers. It makes a fine gift for the kitchen gadget lover or the compulsive list person.


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