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Smartphones: helping or hurting your relationship

Kinga Kasprzyk

You have your smartphone with you everywhere you go. When you’re at home, it is in your hand whether you are in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. And as the day comes to a close, you plug it in and poke away at the screen as your eyes are closing.

There’s no way you are ‘glued’ to your phone like some of your friends...okay, maybe just a little.

Smartphones should be used to enhance a relationship, not hinder it from progressing in a positive direction. Ideally, your smartphone should be a tool for keeping in touch with that special someone during times when you don’t get to see each other in person. If you often find yourself using your device to communicate with other people while your partner is around, do you really love your partner?

One surefire sign that the smartphone is tearing up your relationship is if one or both of you are interested in your phone more than the conversation at hand. This is especially common while eating or just relaxing together. Surely your partner deserves the eye contact and feedback that comes from a great listener, and so do you.

Take time to really listen to each other. You’ll soon discover that conversations become meaningful again, and that you really do care about her mom’s co-worker whose son works at the deli across the street from your favorite restaurant and got a girl pregnant on the first date. Yep. You really do care.

Because of the high demand on employees to bring work home, we often find ourselves checking emails, sending out newsletters or responding to bosses even when we’re off the clock. Consider whether the task can wait.

If you truly have something pressing to complete during time with your partner, then make sure they are aware of what you’re doing and hold any further conversation until you are finished doing your work. It’s just plain respectful and eliminates any suspicion of what you are doing on your phone. (Yes, this sounds like common sense, but these are reasons people get angry.)

Do the smart thing and set your smartphones aside when you’re spending time together. If you are in fact guilty of spending more time with your smartphone than your other half, this CNN article gives advice on how you can use your smartphone to help your relationship instead of hurting it.

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