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Smartipants: An environmentally friendly diaper that's made in Los Angeles

Hanging in the Smartipant.
Hanging in the Smartipant.
sharon bordas

You don't have to be a hardcore environmentalist to feel some unease about the amount of waste created by disposable diapers.  The technology is quite impressive, but one can't help but get the feeling that diapers, like Twinkies, just might live on through the apocalypse and that the earth's future overlords will arrive to find themselves standing in a land of slowly decaying Pampers.  (Who knows what they'll make of us adorning these waste receptacles with Elmo and Big Bird.  It's hard to explain.)     

However, on the flip side, the cloth diaper seems extremely tedious, yucky and super annoying for those of us who did not find Wall-E life changing.  Can't there be something easier?  And dare we say, cuter?  Yes, apparently, there can.  And it's called a Smartipant.

The Smartipant is an adjustable, reusable, cloth pocket diaper, which means it has a pocket with a liner that absorbs most of the damage.  It's held together with snaps and comes in a variety of cute colors.  And for those of you looking for local sustainability, the Smartipant is made right here in Los Angeles.  

Now, does this diaper occasionally leak?  Yes, yes it does.  And is it fun to have even more intimate interaction with your child's feces?  Not particularly.  And would my childcare provider even discuss such an option?  Not a chance. 

However, what the Smartipant does offer you is another viable, waste reducing option.  You can buy a three pack for forty bucks and have them on hand to reduce the amount of planet destroying carnage over the weekend.  They look great under a short dress or on their own with a t-shirt when you are feeling casual.  And they really wash well; the claim that the liner comes out in the machine is absolutely true.  

The choice between disposable and cloth diapers is one that every environmentally aware parent must make.  But here's a thought... why not do a little bit of both?  For those of us looking to reduce our impact while remaining realistic about the practicality of disposables, the Smartipant is a terrific option.

(Disclaimer: Ms. Bordas was offered free samples of Smartipants for her review.  And if she hadn't liked them, she would have told you.  But she did like them, so it all worked out.)


  • dlish2010 5 years ago

    Hi-sterical AND informative! love it. Wall-E not life changing?! Blasphemy. Great article regardless. more, more,more!

  • Erin 5 years ago

    I also tried the Smartipants and definitely agree with this review for the most part -
    I couldn't help thinking it would have been more helpful to have the liner somehow attached on the surface of the diaper - instead of the liner being inside the diaper. So, when there was poo on the diaper, I had to take the entire diaper off and wash all of it - Theoretically, you could go through 2-3 of these $40 sets in one day. I think Sharon is right to do a combination of this diaper with disposable ones. Most environmentally friendly & chlorine free diapers are: Earth's Best, Seventh Generation, Kroger - Comforts for Baby and Huggies - Natural Care.

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