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Smart ways to keep a kid's room organized

Neat and organized kid's room
Neat and organized kid's room

Any parent will agree that trying to keep a kid's room organized is a non-stop battle. This is true, no matter what the age of the child. A young child may have a bedroom floor filled with small cars and crayons, while a teenager's floor will be covered with, well, everything but toys. Here are a few smart ways to help keep a child's room neat, organized, and looking good at all times.

Have a reminder board in place

With a daily reminder staring them in the face, a tween or teen can't protest that they didn't know what needed done to keep their room clean. Hang a dry-erase board in a prominent place in the bedroom, and write down precisely what needs done to keep the room organized and neat.

For example:

Every day - Make bed!

Monday - Pick clothes up from floor and carry to laundry room.

Tuesday - Dust furniture and organize drawers.

Wednesday - Clean the bottom of the closet.

Thursday - Vacuum floor.

Friday - Pick clothes up from floor and carry to laundry room. (Yes, this needs done more than once a week)

As part of the reminder board, set a rule that if everything is done during the week, your child can have the weekend off from bedroom chores.

Make it fun for little ones

Believe it or not, it's easier to keep a kid's room organized when dealing with young children instead of teens. Young children can be encouraged to think of chores as a game, with a little help from you. Go online and you'll find a great selection of free printable chore charts to help with this idea.

Keep it in reach

When organizing a young child's room, get down on your knees and view the room as they see it. Make sure dresser drawers are easily accessible, closet racks can be easily reached, and wall hooks aren't a struggle to use. If you find it difficult to reach these areas while on your knees, it's time to revamp the position of them for your child. This will help curb frustration for your little one, and help keep a kid's room organized, too.

How to deal with lack of floor space

If your child's room is cramped and cluttered due to lack of floor space, consider removing their traditional bed and replacing it with a loft bed. This type of bed sits up off the floor, similar to a bunk bed, which allows your child to still make use of the space below it. This is a great way to gain more room, while not taking away from sleep space.

Revamp the closet

With the addition of a second closet rod, located mid-way down the closet, you'll not only double your hanging clothes space, but you'll make it easier for little hands to reach their favorite outfits. Keep shoes, belts, scarves, and other frequently used items, down low for easy access, too. If your child is afraid of the dark space inside the closet, consider adding an affordable light source.

Take advantage of wall space

Don't let empty wall space go to waste! Take advantage of it with organizational cubes, wall lockers, build-ins, shelving, hooks, and the like. If your child has a lot of collectibles that they never touch, or dolls they can't let go of, but never play with, consider installing ceiling-height shelving around the entire room. This will curb the clutter, but keeps kids happy, too.

Keep it simple

If your child has to clasp and unclasp plastic bins, or go through some other two-step process to keep their belonging neat, they are less likely to pick up after themselves. Keep things simple with wall hooks, open bins, easy-to-reach shelving, and the like. Remember to keep the process down to one simple step, and you'll see the results by way of a clean kid's room.

As a parent, you've learned that consistency is the key to successful parenting. Thus, keep tabs on your child's bedroom organization and cleanliness. If they know you're watching, they're more likely to try to keep their room straightened up.

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