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Smart toilets: Seat automatically lifts up, new 'shower toilet' coming to U.S.

Smart toilets are coming to the U.S. in the near future, and this “shower toilet” of the future — a popular Japanese design — offers a variety of new features for users of the commode. It seems these cutting edge porcelain thrones can automatically lift the toilet seat up for you, turn warm on a cold day, and play your favorite music when connected with a smartphone device. News Max reports this Wednesday, May 28, that official plans to bring the smart toilet are still in the works, but is expected by foreign business associates to take off immediately once it hits the national market.

Toilet of the future coming to the U.S., a smart toilet
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

These so-called smart toilets are nothing new to Japan, already being in over two-thirds of homes in the country. The Lixil Corporation, which stands as the biggest intelligent toilet maker in the entire nation, believe that this technologically current lavatory will be something for U.S. consumers to see (or sit on, that is). After recently buying American Standard Brands (a well-known local bathroom and toilet producer), the company is set to introduce these dubbed “shower toilets.”

The CEO of the Lixil Corporation of Japan, Yoshiaki Fujimori, acknowledged in a statement this week that he firmly believes the smart toilet to be a major and highly coveted boon to the American people for all of its uses and comforts, even in a similar way as the smartphone industry has become a multi-billion dollar market in our country.

"Industry presents iPhone – industry presents shower toilet," Fujimori told a national source this 2014. "We can create the same type of pattern."

Money MSN News adds that these technology toilets of the future do offer one aspect that may not be too popular with U.S. people — the “shower” feature, or a self-washing / bidet option. While this cleansing mechanism is popular in such places as Europe, it has never seen much success here in the U.S. nation. The cost of these smart toilets, too, could be seen as a problem. While traditional toilets are often viewed as reasonable, these cutting edge models can usually each a hefty $5,000.

However, the Japanese toilet maker company believes that Americans will fall in love with its other great options, including music synching capabilities, seat-warming features, the ability to automatically lift the seat up upon command, and different modes of self-washing. The question is, would you be willing to pay a pretty penny to use this advanced porcelain throne? Will the "shower toilet" be the latest new invention to take the U.S. by storm this decade?

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