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Smart study habits stem from good organization

Back to school smart study habits
Back to school smart study habits
Cristine Struble

With the kids back in school, creating strong study habits is paramount to academic success. From the right environment to organization tools, each item can be the foundation for achievement. With just a few suggestions, the kids will be on their way to asking to study more. Post-it offers a variety of school organization tools that can make studying seem less overwhelming.

When it comes to reading textbooks, certain key words or topics are important to remember for the big test. With Post-it Study Tabs and Flags, kids can quickly return to that specific point for reference. In a variety of bright colors, each color can refer to a point to remember. A few options offer writable tags to create a system to help key facts. From vocabulary words to important dates, facts are at their fingertips.

In our household, bookmarks have been replaced with Post-it notes. With a bookmark, the page can be lost when the bookmark falls into the bottom of the backpack. The sticky notes make sure that little people can find the exact spot in the book to return to the story. With the new Post-it Brand Colors of the World Collection, the color combinations can denote each child's special pack. For the bold and bright girl, check out the Brazilian inspired Rio De Janeiro collection. For the water enthusiast, the Mykonos cool blues bring the colors of the sea.

From elementary school useful bookmarks to high school study flags, Post-it has a variety of items to start smart study habits from a young age. Start the school year on the right track with Post-it and the variety of items that can make studying for the big test a little easier.