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Smart snacking makes for happy school days

Van's Natural Foods, smart after school snacking
Van's Natural Foods, smart after school snacking
Cristine Struble

Back to school season is in full force. While kids enjoy shopping for a new backpack and fun school supplies, parents contemplate other school necessities, like snacks. Have you ever noticed that kids rush home from school completely famished? Sometimes parents doubt that the nutritious lunch was eaten based on the after school hunger levels. An energy raising, convenient after school snack can make all the difference. Van's Natural Foods offers a wide variety of snacking options that can satisfy the after school hungry children.

Van's Natural Foods offers a wide variety of snacking items that appeal to both kids and parents. Many of the snack items are perfect for the quick, grab and go moment. The PB&J Bars are a fun twist on the traditional kid favorite. These bars contain 10g of nutrient dense whole grain oats and real peanut butter. The single serve, portable snacks can give the kids energy to tackle after school sports or homework.

Of course, after school snacking isn't the only time when Van's products come into play. When packing a lunch or an item for school snack time, parents need to consider the kids' classmates. Items like Nacho, Nacho Man and Mighty Good BBQ chips are craveably crunchy and packed with flavor chips that kids enjoy. These Gluten-free snacks are filled with 18 grams of whole grains in every serving. The kids get the chips that they want and parents feel better about the lunch-time choices.

Van's Natural Foods offers a wide variety of option for all times of the day. From tasty waffles to hearty pastas, the company has an option for each and every meal. Whether eating gluten free for a personal choice or a health issue, everyone in your family will be happy with these products.

Is your family ready for smart snacking and happy school days? Fill the pantry with some Van's Natural Food options.