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Smart PJs: Programmable pajamas read bedtime stories to your kids, but why?

Smart PJs are the latest in the smart technology offered to consumers today, but with all this “smart” technology, don’t you worry about people growing dumb? No one has to think or interact when the smart technology does it for you.

Smart PJ's let you program a bedtime story out of your kid's pajamas.
YouTube screen shot

According to “Fox and Friends” live on Thursday, Jan. 9, Smart PJs are now available for your kids. These Smart PJs read your child a bedtime story so you don’t have to.

These PJs have large circles in groups all over them and you hold your Smart Phone up to any of the groups of circles and that programs a bedtime story to come out of your Smart Phone using an app.

The commercial created for these Smart PJs show a family of four sitting together on a bed staring at the small screen of a Smart Phone as it reads a bedtime story. There’s no interaction going on as this family looks totally mesmerized with the tiny screen.

Now the kids are aware that this story somehow came out of their pajamas, which could be a scary thing depending on what the story is. The kids in this video look like they are three or four years old, an age where concrete thinking runs rampant.

Knowing that Hansel and Gretel or The Three Little Pigs came out of their pajamas could give them nightmares! Instead of visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, they may have visions of a wolf huffing and puffing their way out of their PJs.

Reading a bedtime story to your kids is not all that hard and you don’t really need to be too smart to do this. Why would you want to wrap your kids in programmable pajamas? Why would you want to sit with them for 10 minutes to hear a story that comes out of their sleepwear?

Check out the video above and see the family who look like they could have stepped out of the movie, “The Stepford Wives” watch a bedtime story they retrieved form their kid’s pajamas.

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