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Smart meters to keep parking open on Orange Ave

City of Coronado
City of Coronado
One of the new smart meters Coronado will install.

Drivers parking on Orange A venue in Coronado will begin using smart meters installed for a 90 day trial period. Fees for parking will stay the same, 25 cents an hours, and the two hour time limit.

But, drivers will decide their times in and out of parking spaces under the watch of the new smart meters. Some meters have ground sensors that detect the time a car stays parked, and, how long the space stays open. The machines catch deviations from the permitted parking time.

Coronado's goal is to increase vehicle turnover. High parking space usage on Orange Avenue's busy downtown blocks, and parkers feeding the meters to stay in the space, have caused concerns.

Credit card fee payments are accepted by the new meters. Meters reset to zero any time a driver leaves a parking space.

Workers will install the smar meters before SUmmer.

THis is a Center Line Policy Alert.