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Smart locks hit the market

Touchscreen keyless entry deadbolt
Touchscreen keyless entry deadbolt
Scott lewis via Flickr

Smart locks are getting recognized as the new face of home security. The ability to unlock your front door with your phone or key-fob is becoming more and more appealing to many home owners around the country. Here is a list of a few smart locks on the market that are giving people more freedom and security for the home.

The Kevo by Kwikset allows users to download an iPhone application that gives you access through your mobile phone. Simply install the Kevo deadbolt on your front door and when the smart lock senses your phone, it will automatically unlock the door for you with a quick touch of the keypad. Give friends and family temporary access through their smartphone and keep track of access. The Deadbolt comes with two physical keys, 1 electronic key-fob, 5 eKeys and 4 AA batteries all for around $220.00.

The Schlage Home Keypad Lever is just like any home key lever but smarter. The keypad comes with a set of numbers and programmable codes. Gain keyless access by entering your unique code and give others their own code. You have the ability to access unlock logs through the Nexia home application but you must purchase a separate wireless bridge and pay for a Nexia monthly subscription. Although there is no proximity unlock , you still have the ability to unlock your door from a downloaded application on your phone. With the Nexia subscription, you are able to control other home devices like thermostats, sensors, lighting and cameras (all sold separately) through one simple application. The single keypad lever goes for about $200.00.

The Goji Smart Lock is probably one of the most advanced smart locks around. The sleek interface includes a digital display that greets users and a hidden camera. The lock automatically pairs with an application for Android or Apple and displays access logs with pictures of each person that entered or attempted to enter. It takes pictures of visitors in real time and sends it directly to your phone so that you may approve or deny access to your home. Send friends or family a key to their smartphone so that they may access when you are out of town. You can also set time unlocks for housekeepers and dog walkers and restrict the window of opportunity for entry. This device runs on AA batteries and runs on your wireless network. It comes with two physical backup keys and electronic key-fobs can be purchased for an extra price. The Goji smart lock goes for $278.00 and can only be purchased from their website;

With home security being a major concern for homeowners and affordability being a major factor, these smart-locks offer peace of mind and unparalleled security. No longer do you need personal security systems when you have a smart-lock to monitor access to your home. Purchase one that works for you and enjoy accessibly, security and convenience all in one.