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Smart living trend settled in at SolTerra

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Scripps Ranch locals living at SolTerra, one block north of Mira Mesa Boulevard off Scripps Ranch Road, can forget about hard work turning off the kilowatt burning activities in the house. The EcoHome apartments opened to leasers last May come equipped with Nest Smart Thermostats the apartment renters can control using a mobile device anywhere.

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The green living work put in the residents' hands, easily made regular using state-of-the-art technology, keeps the kilowatt usage within 1,000 to 1,750 kilowatt hours a day in the smart apartments community built for net zero energy living. Full rooftop solar installations power both the apartments, and the common areas--club, gym, and pool, and, send out all the electricity. No electrict bills in the entire community.

An inverter system even sends extra energy made by the Kyocera photovoltaic panels into the SDG&E grid.

BOutique hotel style living in the four 3 story buildings that use net zero energy was the "first of its kind anywhere." The 114 apartments filled up by Julyh in 2013.

"Tomorrow is today," at the community HG Fenton built.

“There’s much more consumer awareness these days about the resources that they’re using, and we’ve tried to incorporate these priorities into this project,” said Mike Neal, president and CEO of H.G. Fenton Co.

This June, new San DIegans can find a piece of green life. Equinox apartments open up. No worries about electricity charges building up while living in an apartment with a ssolar name. The Solstice and the Radiant apartments renters still fill enage GE smart appliances in home jobs the same way. Wireless and mobile. Dishwashers, and the air conditioners, do their work behind closed doors. And, a Virtual NEt Monitoring display, ued to monitor the kilowatt usage, can take the energy user's messages on usage sent on the go.

Sticking to a green living plan was a trouble to apartment dwellers before HG Fenton built SOlTerra. Four to six years ago, no apartments in San Diego, even Fenton's own apartments, had the infrastructure that can support the latest wireless and mobile technology. Mainstream renting at apartment communities 100 percent turned on to net zero energy is expected in San DIego in the next few years.

EcoTerra raised the standard for next generation living in the SOuthern California city launched into the future of high technology green living by the Smart City San Diego initiative run by the City, SDG&E, and CleanTech San Diego. Everything, the sun lit and ceiling fan cooled spaces in the hardwood floor apartments, keeps a San Diegan living a settled green life.

Workers layed in all synthetic turf. Forget about watering. The saltwater pool, on the sun deck built with outdoor BBQ and fire pit lounge areas, and a western view observation deck, puts a stop to experiences taking a dip in chemicals. Cardio exercisers at Move-24 Hour fitness center enjoy the relief from the heat inside club house's shaded windows.

Low-E vinyl windows in the apartment rooms make the main life moments comfortable. No vapor attacks in a Zenith apartment either. All the paint at EcoTerra stays low in volatile organic compounds, VOCs.

There is no good time to give up on green living. garages come built to house an electric vehicle charging station. Bike racks were put in everywhere.

Housing in a residential community that beats California's TItle 24 energy efficiency standards by 20 percent fits nicely in a life lived largely outdoors, or, on the go. No one at EcoTerra has to get up early to walk to shopping, or a park.

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