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Smart Kidz Club: The Future of eBooks

The Smart Kidz Club logo.
The Smart Kidz Club logo.
Surinder Sharma

Technology is rapidly changing the way people read. At present more people read newspapers and novels online than offline. It is also becoming increasingly common for people to pay bills, send greeting cards, and communicate in a virtual way. Considering that the children of today are immersed in a technological world from the moment of birth, it is essential that they get used to using digital devices at an early age. Yet it is also important that they learn how to read, just as other generations have before them. Hence, the popularity of eBooks is on the rise and websites like Smart Kidz Club are showing much promise for the future.

Smart Kidz Club is a children’s book publisher who publish eBooks for children aged 1 to 11 years. Smart Kidz Club is both a website and an app and, for $4.99 a month, members have an unlimited subscription to dozens of children’s books—and, as time goes on, the number will grow to hundreds, then thousands, of books!

Smart Kidz Club features books that have full color illustrations, “Read-Along” technology for beginning readers, and “Smart Word” definitions that help children learn big new words with the click of a button. Read-Along-Technology describes a feature where each word is highlighted as it is read, which helps children strengthen word recognition and increase their vocabulary. There is also a “Read It Myself” option for more advanced readers to practice their reading skills without any such aids.

Visitors to the website can browse book collections by searching for specific age groups, authors, or topics. Smart Kidz Club aims to publish stories that have both academic and moral lessons embedded within them. Some of the books are filled with factual information and are more akin to reference books than stories. Yet other books read exactly like classic children’s books with fictional characters and plot driven storylines.

Conceptualized and started in 2012 by the husband-wife duo Harjeet Singh and Surinder Sharma, as a school project for their son, Smart Kidz Club is a result of the mobile technology experience of Harjeet and creative energy of Surinder, combined with their passion for providing better education for kids. Recognizing the need in the global education market for quality and affordable reading/educational resources and the incessantly growing attraction of kids to mobile devices, Smart Kidz Club was created as an innovative platform that provides children with the fastest growing collection of online, mobile educational resources that are fresh and unique. According to Harjeet:

“We want Smart Kidz Club to grow into a platform where all those who aspire to contribute towards providing quality, relevant, affordable, and accessible education worldwide, are able to work together to build it into a global brand. We wish to remove the bottleneck of price of books, logistics, printing, shipping, etc. Kids should be able to access books anytime, anywhere. The biggest dream for Smart Kidz Club is to be adopted globally as an affordable and accessible educational platform by kids, parents, and teachers, to make education affordable and accessible to all.”

Smart Kidz Club is already branching out into an increasingly global market. As of April 2014, many of its books are scheduled to be translated into Spanish. Additionally, Smart Kidz Club is absolutely free for teachers to use in the classroom. Teachers have a separate login and choose a unique code which they can use to recommend books to their students who become their followers. Smart Kidz Club thus enables teachers to use affordable educational resources to enhance their classroom teaching and provide each student with personalized recommendation based on their individual learning abilities. Needless to say, the future looks bright for Smart Kidz Club and its potential for expansion is spectacular.

Anyone who is interested in joining the program, exploring the books, or finding out more about the company should view the official website:

You can also watch an explanatory video about the website here:

Happy reading!

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