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Smart is the New Sexy; Hw to Look More Beautiful and Attractive in Glasses

Smart is the New Sexy; Hw to Look More Beautiful and Attractive in Glasses
Smart is the New Sexy; Hw to Look More Beautiful and Attractive in Glasses

Many people are required to wear glasses for vision correction purposes. In fact, there are a lot of varieties to choose from depending on wearer’s face shape, complexion, color and frame preference. Now, for the ladies, here is a simple question. Do you feel like your glasses are throwing you off on your regular beauty routine? Do you want to look good in glasses? If your answer is yes, worry no more because this article has been composed especially for you! At the end of this article, you might realize that glasses can actually make you more attractive and beautiful. How? By following these simple tips:

1. Go directly to an optical shop that offers a wide variety of glasses to choice from.
2. Find a frame that would give contrast to the shape of your face. Face shapes vary from person to person. You might want to consider this prior to choosing your frame.

  • For Heart -Shaped Faces: Aviator and Rimless Styles are the best option for you. This will focus more on your eyes and less on your forehead.
  • For Square-Shaped Faces: Rectangular shape with rounded edges is advisable. This will give you an illusion of a longer chin and would also soften sharp jaw structure.
  • For Thin-Narrow Faces: Look for glasses with thicker arms. They aid in drawing an illusion of a broader face.
  • For Round Faces: The best choice would be a rectangular frame.
  • For Oval Faces: You will definitely look good with Butterfly shaped eyeglasses with a broad frame at the top.

3. Keep in mind that when you are buying optical glasses, the frame should be in proportion with the rest of your face. In case, you have to get a customized frame, you can rest assured that there are stores that sell new lenses for old frames, so you won’t have any trouble finding new lenses for your current frame. Also, you can easily find a lens replacement reglaze service, so having a certain type of frame for your face is not really a problem these days.
4. Choose a color that will highlight your face features.

Now that you have narrowed down your selection, you can now focus more onto what glasses would look good on you. Already decided on which eyeglasses you would purchase? Your next step of course, is to buy it. So after spending some time looking for the right eyeglasses that will accentuate your style, here are some tips that will make you more attractive than ever.

  • Wear a make-up that would complement with your eyeglasses. For instance, find an eye shadow that has champagne colors. You can use mascara and eyeliner for a more dramatic and sophisticated look.
  • Be confident. Glasses can be a fashion accessory, provided that you are confident that you are wearing one. Remember that what you perceive about yourself will reflect with others.

Overall, glasses are made to correct vision problem. However, glasses are also a great way for you to feel and look smart, sophisticated and sassy. In addition to that, confidence and acceptance plays a big role in putting up a “wow” look. Confidence on how you carry yourself and acceptance on how you look good with your eyeglasses on create a big impact. But always keep in mind that no matter how good you look with your eyeglass on that is just an outside façade. What’s far more important is your inner personality that will speak for itself and would reflect your true beauty incomparable to anything or anyone in this world.

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