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Smart Girl Scout sells cookies outside San Francisco dispensary

Nothing cures the munchies like Girl Scout cookies. On Feb. 20, the Huffington Post reported that a very savvy Girl Scout posted up in front of the Green Cross marijuana dispensary in San Francisco and literally sold out in a matter of minutes.

Many are crying foul, saying that the cookies shouldn't be sold outside of these marijuana merchants but why not? Thirteen year old Danielle Lei may be the smartest in her troop after setting up a cookie stand in front of a dispensary. Girl Scouts of California have said they are totally okay with her choice in location.

Although dispensaries for medical marijuana are limited only to those over age 18 in California, there is nothing that prohibits a minor from standing on the public property in front of that place of business. Given her very wise choice of location, Lei was able to sell a stunning 117 boxes of cookies in just 2 hours.

The dispensary posted a picture of the young entrepreneur and it went viral. An internet meme is even making it's way around social media because, well, her business move was so smart that it actually is pretty funny.

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