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Smart diaper tells you when baby needs changing

A new smart diaper that tells you when your baby needs changing is the latest entry in the new, hot wearables market, as the co-founder of “MisFit” suggests that going forward wearables will appear in areas other than the wrist, according to Trusted Reviews (Feb. 17).

Up to now designers have focused on wearables like Samsung's Galaxy Gear watch and Google's Glass eyeglasses. Although stimulating engineers have designed a smart bra that pops open when a woman is in love—and remains closed like a modern chastity belt when she's not.

But now designers have focused on a problem worthy of their effort—a smart diaper that tells you when your baby needs changing. No longer will moms, dads or caregivers have to open and check a diaper before and after naps, or feedings, to see if it's wet, dry or soiled with poop.

Instead, you'll simply receive a message on your smartphone from your one month old baby, for example, that reads something like “It's time to change me”, or perhaps receive an audible signal instead—other than a baby's cry, that is.

This new smart wearable is now possible because Japanese researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a flexible circuit that can be printed with simple inkjet technology on disposable film. The film would then be incorporated in a diaper. The film is safe to wear next to the skin because it does not generate its own power.

Smart technology has enormous potential in the healthcare field. Besides the obvious use of this invention in an adult diaper worn by a patient in a nursing home or other care facility, it can, for example, be integrated in a bandage and monitor a patient's vital signs.

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