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Smart choices and complimenting Voices

Fashion Consultant Erika Chloe
Fashion Expert and CEO of My Image Expert, Erika Chloe  w/ client

Do you spending all morning and evening trying to determine "what to wear" and "what not to wear"?  Do you have a closet full of "nothing to wear"?  Is your wardrobe stocked with outdated, frumpy, damaged, or tired garments that have no pizzazz?  Do you wear the same outfit combinations day-in and day-out?  Do you lack the ability to accessorize and put together stylish outfits?  If so, it is probably time to reinvent yourself and update your appearance with the help of a fashion consultant or image consultant.

Imagine how rejuvenating it would be to have a wardrobe that works for your body structure, personality, lifestyle, social activities and career goals. Bask in the bliss of being able to effortlessly mix and match an outfit without any frustration. Maximize your clothing investments and learn how to expand your outfit versatility by creating a wardrobe that is interchangeable and stylish. An image consultant can teach you how to use your clothing and grooming aids as a resource tool to ensure a powerful and authentic appearance.

                                                                                    personal stylist Erika Chloe Do you get frustrated with shopping? Are you buying garments out of necessity and convenience? Do you compromise style for comfort? Have you ever shopped till you dropped only to find out that you couldn’t effectively wear the clothes you just bought? The disappointment of spending hard earned money on an outfit that doesn’t complement you is simply unacceptable! Your clothing affects the way you think and feel. Your appearance is the one personal characteristic that is immediately obvious to others, you can’t hide it! What does your appearance say about you? A personal shopper can help you find and create your signature style to ensure you make a lasting impression!

                                                                                 image consultant baltimore Erika ChloeFind solace in knowing that every dime you spend on an outfit, it will be worn in a magnitude of different ways; never looking the same twice. Rest assured that from now on, all the clothes you wear will make your figure and personality shine. Your appearance will project a positive and confident attitude that others will quickly notice. You will learn to love the “skin you’re in” with garments that flatter you figure. Be prepared to finally experience that ever elusive guiltless shopping spree you’ve always desired. A fashion consultant will show you what colors, styles, textures, stores and accessories are best suited for your figure.

Do you feel like achieving style and great fashion is harder than solving quantum physics problems? Do your outfits send out a positive or negative image of you? Does your appearance distance you from business a deal, friends and family? Whether you like it or not, we are all judged based on our personal appearance. With the help of an image consultant, you’ll find out how easy it is to appear attractively dressed when you know what colors, patterns, fabrics and styles bring out the best in you. Wouldn’t it be great to be excited about your wardrobe again? Wouldn’t it feel good to receive compliments on your appearance while others gravitate towards your new and improved look? You’ll find it a breeze to look good, maybe attracting one or two paparazzi. Simplicity is iconic. It all starts when you seek the help of an image consultant.

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