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"Smart" Cars Hacked

Recently Google has announced the driverless car. Yes, a car that does not need a driver and is completely controlled by computers. The passenger can simply sit back and roam Facebook, text, watch movies, do hair, makeup, or whatever may please the passenger. In way this has may concerned some people about safety concerns. Would you put yourself at risk by simply not wanting to drive that day? Now, the car that Google did showcase is just a “beta”, however, the car is still completely functional. A question may arouse about how well is the security around the cars? The cars are completely controlled by computers, and when there are computers, there are hackers.
This is very true because Telsa motors found out the hard way. The car that was hacked by a group of Chinese hackers came on the Model S. They hacked into the car gaining control of the headlights, locks, sunroof, and more. Now that is not scary. Major safety concerns rise when an incident happens like this. How is easily could it be for some to hack into the car, gain control, and do something inhumane? As the world becomes completely technology ridden, the less privacy we have for ourselves. Using technology is not a bad thing, but one hacker can bring down an entire company, or even country. With the self-driving car, who knows what can happen. Someone could reroute a destination into the GPS. Hopefully by the time the self-driving car is ready to hit roads, every single kink will be worked out to ensure the safety of everyone around the vehicle.

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