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Smart car tipping spree in San Francisco alarms eco-friendly drivers

Smart car tipping could be a real problem. It looks way funnier than it really is.
Used with permission from Ned Buskirk

A rash of tipped over Smart cars in the Bernal Heights and Portola neighborhoods of San Francisco has both car owners and police alarmed. Four Smart cars were found in those areas early Monday morning and the pranksters could face major consequences. On April 8, USA Today dubbed it "urban cow tipping" but they are breaking the law and could face jail time.

Little is known about the motive behind the tipped Smart cars in San Francisco. There were reports of four different tipped cars in the Portola and Bernal Heights neighborhoods between 1 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Monday. It is unknown yet if the this is an isolated evening or mischief or the beginning of a new, destructive trend.

There are two theories to the motive behind the San Francisco Smart car tipping. Given the light-weight of the vehicle and the supposed humor in seeing it tipped over, many believe this is a prank gone too far. A Smart car is one of the only cars on the road that is light enough for a couple of normal men to flip over. It wouldn't be the first time that flipping a Smart car occurred as part of a costly prank.

On the other hand, residents of San Francisco fear the rash of Smart car tipping has a darker message. It has been suggested that the car tippers are showing their anger toward the tech industry, which many blame for the insane cost of living in San Francisco. If that is the case, the "urban cow tipping" idea might not be so bad.

If residents are fighting back against rising costs and perceived inequality, tension in San Francisco between the techies and the rest of the city might get really uncomfortable. Many are upset at the gentrification of San Francisco neighborhoods and blame the wealthy tech professionals for the soaring cost of living.

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