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Smart car tipping hits San Francisco, but will this crime become a trendy prank?

Smart car tipping was a destructive and expensive pastime for vandals in two San Francisco neighborhoods on Monday night. These light and tiny cars are easy to tip, as the cars don't have the weight that cements the vehicle in place like the traditional vehicles on the road. Will Smart car tipping become a prevalent prank in the future as more and more Smart cars get on the road?

Smart car tipping, a crime of the future starts today!
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According to MSN News on April 8, police responded to a call at about 1 a.m. on Monday of a resident hearing a “loud bang” outside. When police arrived they found not one, but three Smart Cars around the neighborhood on their side or resting on their rear end.

Witnesses to the “Smart tipping” told police that six to eight people dressed in black hooded sweatshirts tipped one of the cars. That car was in the upscale neighborhood of Bernal Heights.

Canada saw a bout with this “Smart-tipping,” which is the name dubbed for this vandalism, back in 2009. For several months police found Smart Cars tipped on their sides or rear ends. Amsterdam also saw a wave of these tiny cars ending up on their sides or floating in a canal a few years back.

San Francisco police investigated three cars tipped in the Bay area, all within a few blocks of each other in the Bernal Heights neighborhood. The fourth car was in Portola, a nearby community. These are the first cases of this kind in San Francisco, as police report they are not aware of previous Smart car tipping in their area.

The perpetrators could go to jail when caught, as police are investigating this as a felony vandalism, which comes along with possible jail time. No arrests have been made in this case yet, but this is not considered a prank, it is considered a crime.

Since this isn’t the first time that owners of a Smart car has found their car tipped over, maybe some creative inventor out there could devise some type of an anchor for the Smart car.

The Smart cars are becoming more and more popular and someday soon they may saturate the road because they offer so many green advances. A portable anchor or even a tipping alarm might be the way to go to solve this problem!

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