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Smart booking: Tips for booking flights for less

All day long, every day, fares for Domestic and International flights are changing. You may become increasingly frustrated with it, especially when you book a flight and the next day, it’s cheaper or you find out there’s a better schedule for the same price.

It is inevitable that situations like that will happen every once in a while, but there are ways that will help you avoid this most of the time:

1. Monitor flight fares: Make sure that you are monitoring the activity of the fares to your destination. This way, you have a better understanding of how much it usually costs, then you’ll be able to take advantage of a good fare as soon as you see it.

2. Research flights on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for lower fares: Airfares go up as we approach the weekend. Mid-week, especially late at night, there are fewer people looking to book a flight, and the airlines offer better prices.

3. Check for one-way tixs and mix/match: Always research roundtrip schedules with different airlines, so you can have an good understading of how much those are going for. Then, check one-way tickets to and from your destination, through various airlines as well. Mix and match! You may save a lot of money, or simply make up a schedule that better suits your needs. Do this even with award flights; you may not have enough miles for the rountrip, but you may be have enough for one leg of your trip.

4. Alternate airports: Arriving at an alternate airport might be a good way to save some money. Make sure to check your preferred airport, but don’t neglect its neighbors. You may be surprised.

5. Fly mid-week rather than Friday through Monday: Usually, airfares are cheaper if you fly between Tuesday and Thursday (maybe even Monday afternoon).

Ok, so these are not fail-proof, that’s why tip number 1 (Monitor flight fares) is so important. Sometimes you may find a great Sunday flight for a decent price, or a Wednesday fare that is really high. But usually, these tips are very helpful and accurate at booking a flight for less.

Happy Travels!

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