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Smaller can be better when it comes to fresh food

A healthy diet starts with fresh healthy food
A healthy diet starts with fresh healthy food

Eating healthy starts with healthy foods. The idea is to choose foods that provide the best nutrition. Historically our bodies had a built in way of determining good food, it was through taste and flavor. Fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are going to be more nutritious than processed foods. Farm raised, local and organic can also help determine good food. The main goal should be to eat food that is nourishing and appropriate.

A good rule of thumb when looking for quality foods is to think small. Often people grab the largest examples of the fruits and vegetables. Many smart cooks realize that smaller is often better. Small berries and grapes can arise from difficult growing conditions which will concentrate the flavors. Many other fruits and vegetables get “woody” when they get big. Most people have had the experience of a monster size strawberry that looked great but had a hard flavorless texture. Many vegetables like zucchini and cucumbers taste better when they are picked small. Some of the strongest hot peppers in the world are also the smallest.

Smaller fruits are also more durable in transport, as the small fruits bruise less easily. This is because there is a better ratio of outer skin to internal soft fruit. For those fruits where the skin or peel is considered the most nutritious part- the small size fruits give the best ratio amount of peel to the amount of fruit.

Hunters and fisherman often describe the trophy size large animal as tasteless and tough. Smaller younger animals are often better tasting. Also in a world that has a lot of pollution, smaller animals are less likely to accumulate environmental toxins. Small bait fish like sardines and smelt are likely to have a much lower level of heavy metals and other contaminants than large carnivore type fish like salmon and tuna which accumulate toxins from the fish they eat. The older and larger an animal is, the more likely it is to have picked up more environmental toxins.

Not all foods are better small. Many of the mini carrots in stores are large carrots that have been shaved to size. It is important to look at many factors when buying fresh foods. It is important to remember that bigger is just not always better.