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Small towns and their communities hold treasures and precious memories

This store/restaurant in Laconia, Tenn. also served as U.S. Post Office until 2013 - Fayette County, Tennessee Treasures
This store/restaurant in Laconia, Tenn. also served as U.S. Post Office until 2013 - Fayette County, Tennessee Treasures
Gerry Glenn Jones

If you live in or near a small town, and slow down as you drive along some of the back-roads, there are many jewels to see; not the ones that build economic wealth, but the ones that bring sentimental and lasting memories of what has been, and what will be. Growth and development are important for communities, but don't forget what brought it about.

Farmer's Hardware in Somerville - Fayette County, Tennessee Treasures
Gerry Glenn Jones

An old house that has fallen beyond disrepair, and may only stand as a skeleton of its former self, may have served as a shelter and dear home to some present leaders in the community, who have moved on to new homes; However, if it had not been there for them in their childhood, they might not be leaders in the community today.

Old barns are another part of the rural landscape that have helped make America what it is today. At one time in history, the barn was the most important building on a farm. It held the food for the livestock in the winter months, so the families would have a steady supply of meat, poultry, eggs and grain. It gave sanctuary to livestock, especially horses and mules that carried on the burden of pulling the wagons, tilling the soil, bringing in the harvest and providing transportation for the farm families.

Old machinery left in fields along our country roadways, carries the same type of sentimental and historical value. And, of course, don't forget our schools. As some become too costly to repair, new ones are built, but don't forget what the old school gave us. In Fayette County, Tennessee the old is meeting the new, and some historical structures are being saved, and some are not, but the old is not being forgotten by this writer, and is being preserved in the slideshow of this article.

When you are driving behind an elderly man, or woman who is driving slowly, looking at everything on the sides of the roadway, don't get bent out of shape; they are just saving memories. Hopefully, you will be too someday!

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