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Small towns and great lights

Can a great light be found in a small town? Can greatness be measured by the size of the city or the wealth of its inhabitants? A great light came into the world and began to be broadcast from a small fishing village on the shores of Lake Galilee. That village was called by local Nahum's Village, probably not the Hebrew prophet by that name but the name of another man of that name who has long been forgotten by history. What can we learn by the incredible events that took place in that town among Jesus' earliest disciples?

Jesus spent most of his ministry in and around Capernaum (Matthew 4:13). Pronounced in Greek kap-er-na-’OOM, it was a Hebrew hamlet, Kafer Nahum (ka-’FER na-’HOOM), meaning Nahumville and it sat on the north shore of Lake Galilee. Later in Jesus’ ministry the only public building was the synagogue, reputedly built by the Roman centurion whose servant Jesus healed. There were no paved streets, public restrooms or even a town hall. It was a small fishing village on a main road. Capernaum was also the place where Peter and his wife owned a house. The architecture was stone homes with thatched roofs, lending itself to the later healing of a paralyzed man who was lowered through a roof. Perhaps Jesus chose this border town as a center of his early ministry because his first disciples came from there.

One thing is sure, those early disciples dropped everything to follow Jesus, the Light of the world. Are we willing to do the same?

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